The river confluence

On the river bed three holy rivers meet
Two of them are in the minds of people
The third is a streak of undammed water
The holy men and shop people celebrate
The confluence with drums and money jingle
Their minds meet with surprising cohesion
Aided by a loud-mouthed movie song
Holy fires are lit and naked bodies bathed
Head over water, palms cupped against sun
The holy men gyrate to prayer songs
Sung in kitschy styles of Mumbai pop,
Their bodies smeared with ash, hair in mat
The politician duly makes his touristy speech
There is everything at this holy confluence
Of religion, commerce and people politics
With only the collective conscious missing.

While at Raipur we had gone to the Ranjim river bed on which a massive kumbh mela was to take place at the confluence of three rivers.It was planned as an extravaganza and as a Government public relations exercise with none of the religious fervour usually expected in such an event. This is what happens when the politics and religion are inter-mixed.

The angel in red stole my clothes

The angel in red had taken my bag
My body arrived all in a piece as a guest
In the sky-land of a liquor comeuppance
As the red bird had flown low and high
It forgot my bag’s existence in the universe
But brought this bag of bones with verse
And would ,with an apologetic click ,reverse.
My honour was truly at stake for the day
As it ended with everything red and dead
With not even clothes for this bag of bones.

At the Indore airport I got into the Raipur flight of the Kingfisher Airlines in a first experience of the Airlines owned by the liquor baron Vijay Mallya.The red birds(nice aircrafts) together with the angels in red seemed to spread a red carpet welcome and it was only when I reached Raipur that I realised that my bag ,which contained my clothes,did not accompany this bag of bones. Twenty four hours later,the bag was bundled into the flight once again and reached
me with duly muttered apologies.