How stories are made

The keyword and the dreams that possibly preceded it may tell me how stories are made.

First there is a keyword .I go behind the dreams that happen before the keyword. A story unfolds.

It seemed the plot-line now was proceeding towards a major or minor event.

At eight in the morning I went to my bath as though I was preparing myself for an event. At eleven the news came of the death of my cousin. Four years back he had come to our house as a pilgrim to Tirumala reviving an association of four decades ago when he appeared last in my life. His story came to the denouement yesterday when the news of his death had come.

At midnight I was tossing in the bed waiting for sleep.All the while I was holding on to the pieces which were flying about randomly trying to see if I could impose some unity on them.

What am I doing now but make a story ?